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Viva la Moses is born out of the collaboration of family businesses from different professional sectors to embrace a greener vision. We understand the challenges that our planet is facing today, such as climate change, pollution resource depletion and the decrease in biodiversity, and intend to be an active part in the transition towards a truly sustainable world.

We believe that a transformation is required across all sectors in order to downturn global biodiversity loss. Thus, we work with and for businesses with green ambitions and aim to strengthen the sustainable business movement and to optimize what is truly valuable.

For the past seven years the Moses Family has been heading and developing green businesses in South Africa. TRIPPLE E – a consulting firm for small to medium businesses, E.M.E.T – property and real estate firm and IWG – a recycling company, these are the forefathers of our green vision.

Together we want to develop and move towards a new economy, where innovative sustainable products and services are the benchmark.

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