Green Real Estate Green Products

One of our fields of expertise and practice is Green Building, which aims to increase the overall efficiency of the construction by using less raw materials, energy and water. It is inherently designed to make the best use of natural resources and considers environmental impact at every stage of the construction.

Viva La Moses manages the process of several green deal projects and communities inspired by green philosophies. We are now working on a more comprehensive strategy to bring more businesses with green vision together in hopes to contribute to the better future for the generations to come. Additionally, while Green Building has an undeniable effect on our environment, it also carries significant financial incentives. Green Building’s overall cost is significantly lower, as the resources like energy and water are used at the lesser capacity.

We partner up with the small to medium businesses involved in Green Building, as well as Green Remodeling, which lately became popular with installation of greener and more efficient appliances, windows and other elements, for healthier and green living.

Our main focus is to collaborate with more businesses which work with the latest alternative and renewable energy solutions, concentrate on water use reduction, and use recycled materials at any stage of the construction.